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  • 40 partnership marketing ideas: Female Founder World and Girlboss teamed up to create this free download featuring 40 partnership marketing ideas to kickstart your next collab. 🔗 Tell me more

  • Recent grads (um, congrats!!) we found a great funding opportunity for your biz. Pitch HearstLabU is offering the opportunity to pitch for $100,000. 🔗 Tell me more

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  • Food businesses in London, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York and Paris could land a $10,000 credit to use on sustainable packaging with the Uber Eats x Visa grant program. 🔗 Tell me more

  • Stumped on how to craft your email flows or campaigns? This site has a huge, up-to-date library of really good emails. 🔗 Tell me more

  • This female-founded accelerator helps you level up your fundraising game. Applications are open for their first-ever summer cohort. 🔗 Tell me more

  • TikTok just launched a new, free on-demand course. They’re dropping tips on everything from TikTok basics to acquiring customers on the platform. 🔗 Tell me more

  • Ulta’s beauty retail-readiness accelerator, MUSE, is back. Apply by June 26 for the chance to score pretty great perks and mentorship from star founders like Fiona Co Chan (Youthforia) and Ju Rhyu (Hero Cosmetics). 🔗 Tell me more

  • Cartier Women’s Initiative celebrates incredible women (hi, it’s you). Applications for the Regional Awards are open now for equity-free grant funding and education. 🔗 Tell me more

ACQUIRED: Female-founded brands Great Jones and Otherland have both been sold. Kitchen brand Great Jones launched in 2018 and has just been bought by the brand that makes KitchenAid, Meyer. Over the past five years, the founders kept the team super lean, and now have under 10 employees. And, six years since starting their candle brand, the co-founders of Otherland, Abigail Cook Stone and Sayyid Markar, sold to Curio Brands. The amount they sold for wasn’t shared, but the founders will be staying on post-acquisition.

LAUNCHES: The Little Mermaid’s reboot is out in cinemas, and mermaid core is in. Queen of Chill, Cyndi Ramirez, has just unveiled Chillhouse’s latest innovation—Under The Sea, a gorgeous body scrub with flecks of Hawaiian black sand.

TIKTOK: For Pride, TikTok released its first-ever LGBTQIA+ Visionary Voices list. The list honors creators, industry disruptors, and small businesses that are making a big impact in the space.

RETAIL: Three Ships Beauty just launched its skincare line into Whole Foods across North America. They’ve been teasing the launch on IG and this Reel was so cute!

MONEY: Women’s health and fertility startup Oova, founded by CEO Amy Divaraniya, PhD., just closed their Series A funding round of $10.3 million. At the same time, they launched a $99 per month fertility tracking membership.

BEAUTY: The VP of Merchandising at CVS chatted with Beauty Independent about beauty trends, and says makeup and acne care categories are growing at the moment. When asked about deciding which emerging brands should be stocked on CVS shelves, they said it’s important CVS customers already recognize the brand from other channels (hi, TikTok).

REDDIT: Reddit crashed this month due to users protesting the company’s new pricing policies that will mean many third-party apps will need to either close or dramatically increase prices. Despite the backlash, Reddit’s CEO is still defending the decision.

DUPES: Lululemon’s latest campaign is dominating the internet rn. They held a “dupe drive” earlier this month where people could bring in Lululemon dupe leggings (which are super popular on TikTok), and swap them in for a real pair.

Lululemon’s Chief Brand Officer said to Fast Company: “Dupes are going to happen, so let’s not fight it, let’s not arm wrestle. Let’s have some fun with it, and actually really deeply understand our customers and how they’ll actually have fun with it, too, by starting the conversation.”

To help you get your idea out of your head and into the world, Female Founder World’s dedicating the season to our new content series, Launch Lab. We’ll be dropping podcast episodes, workshops, budget breakdowns, tools and tips all about launch marketing—and, at the end of summer, will host a six-part launch marketing workshop series.

First up: Female Founder World creator, Jasmine Garnsworthy, is taking everything she’s learned building this community to teach you how to launch your business or new product to a community.

Dormify founder Amanda Zuckerman started her biz while she was in college and today it’s worth millions. She’s grown the business on the back of a smart ambassador strategy, plus social media marketing. Amanda talked Female Founder World through what’s working for Dormify and how you can copy and paste her tactics into your business.

A sneak peek at Dormify’s Pinterest.

  1. When the business first launched, Amanda got super close to her customers and hosted shopping trunk shows for recent high school grads at their homes. If she were to start a business today, Amanda says she would still do this kind of thing.

  2. Since day one, Dormify has had an ambassador program with different incentives for their most engaged customers to share the brand.

  3. Pinterest might not get the same hype as other social media platforms, but Amanda says it brings the most traffic to Dormify’s site, compared with other organic social media content. Dormify creates their own Pins linking to products and they have boards filled with posts that their target customer would be interested in.

URL Event: Group Business Coaching with Coco & Eve founder Emily Hamilton

🕒 Monday, 19 June, 8-8:30pm EDT

Emily Hamilton spent $220,000 to launch her beauty brand Coco & Eve, starting with a single hair mask. Six years later she’s well on her way to $100 million in annual revenue and sells 600 of those OG hair masks every day 🤯 —plus a full line of skin and hair products.

We had Emily on the Female Founder World podcast this month. She’s hosting a virtual Group Business Coaching call just for Female Founder World Business Bestie subscribers tonight (New York time)!