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Female Founder World Summit is happening this weekend—and tickets are almost sold out.

We can’t wait to meet you all IRL, learn from our incredible lineup of speakers, gift you from all of the coolest brands, and celebrate a big year.

This week we dropped a peek at gift bags and announced two new speakers: Dormify founder Amanda Zuckerman and #HalfTheStory founder Larissa May! See you Saturday :)

TUESDAY: Sophie Marshall, founder of Gentle Habits is on the pod.

WEDNESDAY: We’re sharing a Halfdays case study featuring co-founder Ariana Ferwerda on Instagram.

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  • True Beauty Ventures (the fund backing brands like Crown Affair and Dieux) is taking applications for their beauty accelerator. 🔗 Tell me more 

  • Women and minority entrepreneurs, applying for this $2,500 grant takes less than 30 seconds. 🔗 Tell me more  

  • Femstreet’s building a world where women lead, shape, and fund the future; all with more of a tech focus. If that’s your jam, get their newsletter! 🔗 Tell me more 

  • 🔒Babba Rivera, the founder of Ceremonia was in the Business Besties group last week for a live Q&A. Missed it? Paid members can watch the recording (and all of our other recordings!) on demand. 🔗 Tell me more

  • Want to learn how to negotiate like a pro? Corporate girlies should try PepTalkHer’s course on how to get the salary you deserve. 🔗 Tell me more 

BLACK FRIDAY: The U.S. hit a new record for Black Friday sales with $9.8B, 7.5% higher than last year.

GLOSSIER: Starface x Glossier just makes sense on so many levels. The new collab includes pimple patches by gen z beauty brand Starface, designed in Glossier’s signature shapes. (PS if you’re feeling inspired, get a ton of free partnership ideas on us here).

MONEY: E-cigarette brand Juul just raised $1.3B in funding. This is after nearing bankruptcy and sharing their plan to lay off over 250 staff members this year, and laying off 400 staffers last year. 

TIKTOK: TikTok is saying users spend half of their time in the app watching videos longer than 1 min. They see YouTube as one of their biggest competitors, and have been pushing creators to make long-form content. Wondering how to hack virility? It sounds like the TikTok gods might be pushing longer videos. 

KIDS: Ms Rachel (iykyk—moms, you know), a mega creator for kids music, announced her partnership with Spin Master to create early childhood toys.

RETAIL: Two of the coolest grocery stores are teaming up. Foxtrot and Dom’s Kitchen & Market announced a merger, which should close at the end of this year with their new brand, Outfox Hospitality. Meanwhile in London, Boots will open its first-ever dedicated beauty store, called “Boots Beauty”.

NON-ALC: The non-alcoholic movement is not slowing down, especially with Gen-Z. New data shows Japan has the highest levels of abstention among Gen-Z consumers (63% haven’t had any alcohol in 6+ months), followed by the US at 54% and Canada at 44%. 


  • Couplet Coffee released limited edition merch. Take notes; this is how you launch a sell-out merch drop. (If you want to try their coffee or snag those boxer shorts, use code FFWBESTIES for 15% off!)

  • Period care brand Knix just hit over 7M views on their new 'The Invisible Period’ campaign. The vid is a good example of content that works across platforms (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok).

BFCM campaigns to inspire your next sale

Congrats on surviving another BFCM. Now that you’ve had a minute to regroup, let’s see which brands really crushed it over the shopping weekend and what they did to win.

Jones Road: Beauty biz Jones Road had their best ever Black Friday without offering a single discount. Instead of feeding into the hype of slashing prices, the brand dropped mini versions in a cute 4-pack set of their hero product, Miracle Balm. Love this move!

Londre Bodywear: Sustainable swimwear brand Londre Bodywear opted to do a sale, but customers could only buy black pieces on discount. The reason? Black is a lot more versatile than some of their more bold prints and colors, making it often times more sustainable since you’re getting more wears.

Arrae: Arrae, the supplement brand that’s all over your FYP, went with a more traditional Black Friday sale at 30%, but they also dropped a super cute gift bundle a few days before and focused their messaging around the bundle. Smart move, since their Average Order Value (important metric to track!) was likely bumped up with the new bundle.

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