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  • After getting over 89M views on their socials last year, this agency shared six marketing trends for 2024 you need to know. 🔗 Tell me more 

  • Australia besties, we’re coming to Brisbane and Sydney this week—and just added new speakers to the lineup! 🔗 Tell me more

  • Canadian founders, Visa wants to give you $10,000! 🔗 Tell me more 

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  • We're all viewing so much content online, it's harder for brands and creators to be memorable. This creator says creating 'ritualized content' is the way to do it. 🔗 Tell me more

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TRENDS: LTK, the affiliate shopping app, shared the products shoppers loved most in 2023. Drunk Elephant, Lululemon, Abercrombie, Stanley, and Summer Fridays products made the list.

COLLABS: The devil works hard by Jing Gao works harder. Her biz Fly By Jing just teamed up with Talea Beer on a “Sichuan Lager”, right after launching a cookbook and expanding into Australia.

Tower28 is collaborating with Universal Pictures' “Kung Fu Panda 4” for a limited edition collection tied in with Lunar New Year.

TIKTOK: Universal Music Group, the label that reps artists like Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande is pulling all of their music from TikTok after failing to reach a deal with Byte Dance. 

CELEB BRANDS: Actress Naomi Watts purchased her menopausal wellness brand, Stripes, at auction for $500k after Amyris, the parent company behind them and brands like Jonathan Van Ness’ JVN and Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s Rose Inc., filed for bankruptcy. We say this all the time: Having a celebrity cofounder as the face of a biz doesn’t mean it’s going to be successful.


  • Topicals is giving away spots for customers to head away on a brand trip. This is absolutely a marketing trend—smart brands are giving their customers the VIP treatment, not just influencers and press. Beverage biz Gorgie recently taught our Business Besties how they’re hitting huge revenue milestones by sending PR boxes to ‘regular people’ on TikTok (here’s the workshop recording for paid members)—and trust me, you’re going to see a lot more of this in 2024.

  • Got a hard-to-pronounce brand name? Use this Laneige video as content inspiration.

  • Arrae’s new product launch has been so strong. From events to mailers to pre-launch teasers, take notes for your next launch.

This is how three big brands are rewarding their community, encouraging referrals, and making sure their best customers stick around forever and ever.

💀 Liquid Death is a brand that hit a $700 million valuation by selling cans of water branded as beer—and their fans are obsessed. Liquid Death fans can earn rewards (they call them ‘skulls’) by placing orders both online and at one of their stockists, by following their socials, and by referring friends. They have 30+ very on-brand prizes to redeem.

Why it works: Liquid Death figured out how not only to manage a rewards program on their website, but also to reward people who shop with their thousands of retail stockists. Everyone wins: Liquid Death gets to sell-through fast at retailers, their community is rewarded no matter where they buy, and we’re sure retailers aren’t complaining either. 

How to copy and paste: They use Novel Commerce to scale the rewards program IRL. Don’t worry, besties, it’s not even that pricey. Plans start at $99/mo which is likely well worth it if you’ve already got an engaged community.  

👟 Luxury brands are doing loyalty programs, too. Fashion brand Kith just launched Kith Loyalty. The program is only available on the Kith App and runs on a points-based system, with unique products and experiences redeemed at each tier. The products are super exclusive and made-to-order for the members redeeming, which is a really high end touch. 

Why it works: Kith’s rewards are very aligned to their audience and brand positioning (um, fancy). They want exclusivity and luxury, so offering one-of-a-kind products works.

How to copy and paste: When dreaming up your own rewards program put yourself in your customer’s shoes—what gets them excited? It might be different than what you (the founder) thinks is exciting. 

👙 Swimwear brand 437 keeps it straightforward with the rewards program on their site. You can earn rewards from shopping and following on social, but the coolest part is that they’ve partnered with other buzzy brands that their customers would know and love for the rewards. 

Why it works: 437 is able to build their own brand by aligning themselves with other cool brands, and it’s likely also less expensive than giving away their own stock or expensive merch.

How to copy and paste: Reach out to aligned, non-competing brands that your customers would also shop. You could even leverage these partnerships on social, so you’re able to reach the partner brand’s audience, too!

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